Privacy policy - Selegend Hotel

Privacy policy

Customer information security is very important to us, we will only collect your personal information relating to our transactions with you.

The information we collect

The information we collect may include:

–         Name;

–         Contact address;

–         Phone number;

–         Date of birth;

–         Gender;

–         Credit;

–         Interests,….

Information collection purpose

We use your personal information in the following ways:

– Process the transactions that you have registered;

– To meet your requirements

– Feedback, answer questions and suggestions related to customer service;

– Update to you the hotel promotion programs;

– Used for analyzing and shaping customers;

– To improve hotel service.


Share information

We will use and share the information we collect with our related partners as follows:

– Third parties involved in providing services with us.

Any party that takes over our work, and authorized parties;

– Law enforcement agency.