Terms & Conditions - Selegend Hotel

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the terms Selegend Hotel offers. This will help you to be more convenient in the process of booking, staying and making payment at the hotel:

– Check-out and check-out time:

Check-in time is from 14h00 and check-out time is before 12:00 noon. The booked room will be available to guests from check-in to check-out.

– Surcharge policy:

+ In case there is a written agreement on the time of check-in and check-out other than the time specified above, the hotel will not surcharge the room. If there is no prior written agreement, the hotel will charge an extra fee if guests check in earlier than the specified time and check out later than the specified time.

+ Late check-out after 12:00 noon to 18:00 pm (in case of room availability): The hotel will charge 50% of the room rate per night according to the contract price.

+ Late check-out after 18:00: The hotel will charge 100% of the room rate per night according to the contract price.

+ In the event that the guest wants to stay more, the Hotel will charge the guest according to the announced price, unless otherwise agreed.

+ The hotel will not reimburse any case where the guest stay is shorter than the booked time and the hotel will charge for the entire booked time.

– Deposit policy

To ensure security of your booking, guests will require a deposit depending on the actual situation.

– Compensation policy.

Any item is damaged or lost from the room where you stay, please pay compensation according to the current price list of the hotel.